Cox Motor Group is proud to support Unscripted

Cox Motor Group is proud to support Unscripted

Published 07-03-2014

The boys got together in October 2012, they all attended a national audition for an "untitled project". 5 boys were chosen for the project, including Charlie who is the cousin of the General Bike Sales Manager here at Cox Motor Group.

The project was for a pilot TV series called X:Calibur. The series featured a group of boys who were entering a big band competition so the initial idea was to actually turn them into a proper group so that when they film as a group its totally believable. Then this kind of took over although they are in the process of completing a pitch trailer and hope to pitch in both UK and USA by mid summer.

The boys are from all different parts of the UK, three members are from the midlands, one from Hampshire and one from Yorkshire. So this has limited them in how often they could get together to rehearse and perform. Their ages range from 11 to 15 (Charlie is the eldest).

They went into the recording studio for the first time in February 2013 and recorded a demo tape called Life in the Wings. Then concentrated on learning new songs and in July 2013 they recorded two more demo songs, You,re Still Here and Sundown Sunday.

They have given radio interviews about the band on four occasions, the most recent with BBC Radio Coventry last month. They have done a photo shoot and we are trying to get some more pics together as a London Model agency has expressed an interest in seeing some shots (the hardest part is getting them all to look at the camera at the same time and smile not pull faces). They worked with song writers Andy and Simon from Monsters Chase Me on their first début single "One First Kiss" which was released at their big gig on Jan 10th 2014.

They have done small local gigs at the end of 2013 but the largest concert they did was one they put together themselves, It was staged at the Albany Theatre in Coventry, they performed to approx 450 people (mostly screaming girls) and did a 12 song set that went down an absolute storm!

A lot of their video's are recorded by themselves as Charlie is also heavily into the editing and producing side of things. At the moment they are now working on writing their own songs (most profitable way forward) and will have a new song ready for their next performance in 3 weeks.

Both the Albany and the Lamp have asked the band to come back in the next 2 months and have 2 festivals organised in the summer.

Its a really difficult market to break into and their new manager Sam Plumbley has been fantastic. She is a freelance vocal coach, when she first heard the boys she knew they would be successful.

All have appeared in west end major touring productions, Charlie featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Ben was in both Sound of Music and Oliver, Tom and Aaron both in Oliver and Charlie B was in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Macbeth for 9 months in Stratford. Charlie has also starred in the critically acclaimed Mam as Jimmy as well as TV commercials he also has a modelling contract. Tom is currently filming Nativity 3 motion picture alongside some massive names (Catherine Tate and others). Aaron has been in a BBC series called Physcoville.

They got a new manager in Late October and she is just fab, its whirlwind and hard work but her ethos is to get them to learn their craft such as the song writing the recording and the whole industry so that they will be more than just a one hit wonder. They have a big following in Coventry now and its growing all the time but the hard part is getting their music out to the masses without using things like Britain's Got Talent which is not a route they want to take. Any exposure they can get is more than welcome.