Glowing reports on the all-new Honda Civic

Glowing reports on the all-new Honda Civic

Published 23-05-2012

The new Honda Civic was hoping to silence its critics, but it seems to have done the opposite.

Everybody is talking about its futuristic looks, the new, more economical 2.2 diesel engine, and the entry model now comes with everything you’d expect from a top-of-the-range car.

The improvements over the previous model are endless. Honda has improved the noise, vibration and harshness levels, so the ride quality is significantly better. They have increased the soundproofing so the noise levels are reduced in the cabin, stop-start technology has been introduced to lower emissions, and therefore the cost of road tax. A problem raised on the previous model was rear visibility, Honda has taken this into account and it is now much improved. The technology on the new Civic includes radar cruise control, collision braking system, high beam assist and smart entry system for the first time. Alloy wheels are now standard across the range, along with climate control, and the magic seat system has also been introduced.

The new Civic has been going down a storm with the critics. Martin Love writing for The Observer comments: “The new suspension means it feels supple without any loss of that racy road feel.”

He continues: “Honda have upped the use of more forgiving materials inside and improved sound insulation, though, mercifully, the space-age dashboard is unchanged. It sweeps around you in two hi-tech levels, its curve continuing from the central console right round to the door.”

The praise doesn’t stop there. Popular motoring pundit Quentin Wilson writing in the Daily Mirror seems equally enthusiastic about the new Civic. He writes: “...Not only is it good for 135 and 60 in 8.5, the 2.2 diesel is so smooth, harmonious and refined, it’s better than a Golf.

Wonderfully weighted controls, sharp steering and endless heave mean you punch along with verve. And, if you push the eco button you’ll get close to 70mpg.

It’s a cracking little hatchback that feels upmarket, brilliantly built and unburstable.”

In his article Quentin goes on to say: “You’ll also like the 90,000-mile warranty, 42 per cent retained value after three years and one of the best reliability records in the industry.

When’s the last time you saw a broken-down Honda on a low-loader? Best of all, it’s made in Swindon and at £21k it’s a decent deal. So don’t be horrid about Hondas – the only thing senior about them is the startling excellence of their engineering.”

If that isn’t a positive report what is? Here’s another. Earlier this month, car reviewer for The Independent, Jamie Merrill commented: “Five hundred new employees clocked in for their first shift at Honda's plant in Swindon this week, and this little hatchback is the reason why. Honda has shifted 20,000-plus Civics a year for most of the last decade and the latest model - its most futuristic design yet - is proving popular enough for another shift to start work.”

If all that’s not enough to tempt you to buy the new Civic, how about 3 years free servicing, 3 years low rate finance from just £199 per month and a £1,000 deposit contribution?