Honda Civic Type R wins Best Hot Hatch of the Year

Honda Civic Type R wins Best Hot Hatch of the Year

Published 17-01-2020

Few cars can be described as ‘perennials’ in our awards, but the Honda Civic Type R is getting to that stage. Over the past three years, it has demolished all comers, but last year we wondered whether it had finally met its match.

That was when it faced a hotly awaited rival in the shape of the new Renault Mégane RS, which turned out to be very good indeed. But not Type R good. The purposeful Type R was not only quicker around a track but also proved to be even more sweetly balanced on the road, which is where it really matters.

This year was another big test for the Type R, because we had the new Ford Focus ST to try. But again, the Type R proved quicker in a straight line as well as through corners.

What makes the Type R so good? Well, it has remarkable traction for a powerful, front-wheel-drive car, huge grip in corners and handling that feels as well honed as a racing car’s. In addition, it has an engine that, once it’s into its stride, leaves most rivals for dead. Despite all this, the Type R is perfectly usable day to day, with a comfortable ride (in its softest driving mode) and a big boot.

So, the Type R wins overall because it’s so multidimensional, being one of the roomiest, most comfortable and best-equipped hot hatches you can buy, as well as one of the quickest.

Source: What Car?