Wheel Alignment Service

Why do you need wheel alignment?

Most people believe you only need an alignment if you have a problem. This is not the case. Cox Motor Group has launched a new service to help local drivers cut their motoring costs and improve their safety on the roads.

Thanks to the company’s investment in a state-of-the-art four wheel alignment system, drivers will be able to have their wheel alignment measured quickly and accurately. Any subsequent adjustments will then help to reduce any premature or uneven tyre wear, cut fuel bills and correct any distracting pull or drift issues. 9 out of 10 cars on the road suffer some form of misalignment.

Misalignment Occurs

  • Through day to day driving of a car
  • When kerbing or hitting a pot hole
  • When components loosen
  • When suspension parts wear
  • When it may have been wrongly adjusted previously

Misalignment Can

  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Cause premature tyre wear
  • Cause poor road handling
  • Cause the steering wheel to be crooked

Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

We Use The Latest Technology

Cox Motor Group has invested in the latest wheel alignment technology form Hunter.

  • Hunter is a world leading brand of wheel alignment equipment.
  • Hunter HawkEye aligners are approved and used by the people who manufacture the cars.
  • Hunter wheel alignment measures 14 primary alignment angles accurately – compensates for any errors in wheel rim.
  • Printout, showing before and after adjustment results of all 14 alignment angles.
  • Printouts issued for customer to keep – Proof of a job well done.
  • Specialist TD clamp
    • for wide range of wheel styles and types.
    • tough polymer with protective ring, no metal to metal contact on rims – avoids damage.
  • Quick and efficient measurement – resulting in overall less customer waiting time.

Hawkeye Elite TD System

The top of the range Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD System has taken the alignment industry by storm with technological advancements.

Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD System

Want To Know More?

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