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"It was quick, efficient, at a mutually acceptable time and I got a clean and properly serviced car back."

Stephanie Mantle

"Hope to see you again soon Stephanie."

Blackpool Honda

"The service was carried out exactly as described by the service centre. I requested that my car be collected and returned to my home .This was carried out exactly as agreed."

David Hulme

"Thank you David."

Blackpool Honda

"It was very pleasant and trouble free with very polite and helpful staff from start to finish. Car cleaned fully and I was given plenty of choice as to as when I wanted the car serviced."

Graham Chadwick

"Cheers Graham."

Blackpool Honda

"Staff are always very attentive and really pleasant. Nothing is too much trouble."

Bernadette Potter

"Glad to be helpful Bernadette."

Blackpool Honda

"They were friendly, efficient and reasonably priced for the service performed."

Glenn Stevenson

"Thank you Glenn."

Blackpool Honda

"No fuss, no hassle, just dependable and exceeded expectations."

Ross Lightfoot

"Your welcome Ross."

Blackpool Honda

"We are always greeted and welcomed when we arrive, and kept informed of the progress and expected time to collect the car, we are given a courtesy car, and find the price of the service reasonable compared to other garages. Can't find any fault with the process."

Robin Wilder

"Thank you for your comment Robin."

Blackpool Honda

"he courteous and helpful manner of the service staff."

Tanya Lechthaler

"Thank you Tanya."

Blackpool Honda

"The staff at Blackpool Honda Service reception make customers feel welcome and part of "the family". Every customer gets the same personal attention. Ready to help and answer any questions. They give the best customer service going."

Brenda Cockcroft

"Hope to see you again soon Brenda."

Blackpool Honda

"The company clearly has a culture of excellence throughout which is evident from the positive and pleasant attitude of the people who work there."

Anne Desser

"Many Thanks Anne."

Blackpool Honda

"Greeted immediately, dealt with professionally, kept informed of progress, informed of completion, pick up of car quick and efficient."

Andy Baillie

"Your Welcome Andy."

Blackpool Honda

"They do everything right and are totally committed to the customer."

Keith Twyford

"Thank you Keith."

Blackpool Honda

"Never had any problems with Honda Blackpool. Polite staff, good service and I would recommend them."

Joyce Hambleton

"Thank you Joyce."

Blackpool Honda

"Service covered by guarantee and service contract. In addition to carrying out the first service satisfactorily they also buffed out a slight scratch without attempting to charge any extra, and did so successfully. Attitude of staff always very good."

Malcolm Thompson

"Thanks for your custom Malcolm."

Blackpool Honda

"I was treated very well at Blackpool Honda dealership with politeness, friendly and informative explanation, and most importantly to me was not kept waiting. In a nutshell, they did what it said on the tin."

Gillian Thaw

"Hope to see you again soon Gillian."

Blackpool Honda

"The staff are fantastic, the dealership is great and the car is always returned clean and completely finished with no need to return because of something not done."

Lisa Dearnley Davison

"Always a pleasure Lisa."

Blackpool Honda

"Good customer focus."

Eric Barley

"Than you Eric."

Blackpool Honda

"Always get a good service and staff are really helpful."

Richard Beckett

"Many Thanks for your custom."

Blackpool Honda

"The car was collected from my home and delivered back to me."

David Holland

"Our pleasure David."

Blackpool Honda

"Everything was done that needed doing and in addition the car was valeted."

Eric Hornby

"Your welcomo Eric."

Blackpool Honda

"I would just like to pass on my appreciation of the buying experience from yourselves. It was a pleasure in dealing with the various people involved with the sale, who were very professional and courteous. The vehicle was presented beautifully, valeted and was way above my expectations. Thanks to all at Honda and AutoMart, a truly 5 star experience."

Mr. David Barber

"Many thanks David we hope you enjoy your car."

Blackpool Honda

"Service performed on time and within the time stated, also sorted minor noise on reverse braking. First class service all round from this dealer over the past 4 years. Well done Blackpool Honda, this is the way to retain customers."

Mr. Sharples

"Many thanks Mr. Sharples for your loyal custom."

Blackpool Honda

"I have been using Blackpool Honda for over 4 years and have always received the same excellent level of care and professionalism. I cannot praise the staff too highly - they are extremely helpful and carry out their work in a timely, efficient and courteous manner. I should add that I have always been contacted previously after the service, but this year the car was serviced shortly before my holiday which probably meant this could not take place. I do recommend the Honda Jazz, in general, and the Blackpool Honda garage in particular to friends and family."

Hilary Thomas

"Many thanks Hilary."

Blackpool Honda

"Honda Blackpool is great!!! Now got my third Honda from the Cox Motor Group Blackpool."

Cynthia Roberts

"Your welcome Cynthia."

Blackpool Honda

"Completely satisfied with the excellent service by all involved and the lovely clean condition on the car when returned to me. Well done Blackpool Honda."

Raymond Hodson

"Many thanks for your custom."

Blackpool Honda

"Everything and everybody was first class, and helpful."

Mrs. Brookes

"Your welcome."

Blackpool Honda

"The overall service provided by the Blackpool branch is second to none. The staff put in that extra effort, which results in exceptional service rather than average service. My overall experience with my Honda, and the after sales commitment is praiseworthy."

Mr. B. Hadcroft

"Our pleasure."

Blackpool Honda

"I recently purchased my fourth Honda vehicle from your dealership in Blackpool and feel that I should draw your attention to the expertise of Craig Slater, the Handover Specialist. Craig is competent and capable, professional with a pleasant manner. Very knowledgeable, he communicates that knowledge effectively. Courteous and patient, he is a credit to your team at Blackpool. I am confident that his skills contribute to much repeat business."

J A Holleran

"Thank you."

Blackpool Honda

"I would just like to write to you to compliment Chris for being so helpful to me (twice in the last month). It is so refreshing to meet a salesman who is not pushy, and who was so willing to help me so much. I know not many people ever send their thanks, but should do so."

Alan Garforth

"Many thanks Alan for your custom."

Blackpool Honda

"Prompt and no quibble when I needed to change the original booking. Clean modern courtesy car provided. Service was done to my satisfaction. Contacted me to discuss necessary additional work, i.e. brake pads and tyres."

Gordon Prentice

"Your welcome Gordon"

Blackpool Honda

"It was easy to make an appointment at a convenient time. A courtesy car (same as mine) was provided. I was given an accurate estimate of the time the service would take. Contact by phone as to the new tyres needed and the cost was made. The service was included in the sales package when the car was purchased and breakdown cover is being continued."

Elizabeth Tetlow

"Pleasure to be of service."

Blackpool Honda

"Staff were extremely pleasant and helpful. Everything was done to make the experience as perfect as possible. Thank you."

Leslie Butterworth

"Thank you Leslie"

Blackpool Honda

"As a disabled man, I need to be able to rely on the service given and Honda gives me that reassurance."

Peter Sawyer

"Many thanks Peter"

Blackpool Honda

"As I only have one service per year, as I do a very low mileage (3-4000). I have always found them to be most helpful and this year in particular they fitted a replacement rear brake bulb, without labour charge, when I called in without making an appointment. Something small, but it is indicative of their helpful customer service."

Charles Moir

"Thank you Charles"

Blackpool Honda

"You carried out the service, on time and on cost. The customer waiting was clean and the seating comfortable and the staff were conscious of our presence and offered a choice of beverages frequently. Well done."

Peter Moyes

"Your welcome Peter"

Blackpool Honda

"Excellent service provided by Gary and also Sue Case. Thank you also for sorting a very reasonable quote for the bodywork."

Derek MacDougall

"Our pleasure Derek"

Blackpool Honda

"Service was performed in less than the estimated time and, to my knowledge, satisfactorily."

John Cooke

"Happy to be of service John"

Blackpool Honda

"I would like to express my appreciation of the courteous efficient and flexible service which I always receive from Blackpool Honda, and particularly the way in which Gary has been so helpful and gone out of his way to give excellent service."

Hilary Thomas

"Thank you Hilary"

Blackpool Honda

"Just a brief note to say thanks for the exceptional service your company provided when I purchased an Accord."

Mr Virgincar

"Your welcome"

Blackpool Honda

"We have always been completely satisfied with all our dealings with this dealer."

Ken Moon

"Thank you Ken"

Blackpool Honda

"It always goes very smoothly & I've never had to go back."

Delys Edmonds

"Many Thanks Delys"

Blackpool Honda

"No hassle ,coffee available to pass the time - happy."

Tony Ashley

"Your welcome Tony"

Blackpool Honda

"No complaints at all, and my car is returned washed and valeted."

Mary Carter

"Our pleasure Mary Carter"

Blackpool Honda

"Car collected and delivered to home address very efficiently. Car valeted during service. Excellent service as usual"

Robert Louch

"All part of the service Robert"

Blackpool Honda

"The staff at Honda Blackpool are very helpful and well mannered. Nice to do business with."

C Howarth


Blackpool Honda

"Everything was completely satisfactory from leaving the car to picking it up after service."

Fred Wenlock

"Pleasure to be of service Fred"

Blackpool Honda

"This is my second CRV from Blackpool Honda. Although this is not our nearest dealership we are always happy with the service provided. The staff have a very good attitude to the public. Whilst waiting for my CRV to be returned, my husband browsed around and bought another Jazz!!!"

Judith Argall

"Thank you Judith"

Blackpool Honda

"I am satisfied about my car service because it perform better."

Ben Mabunda

"Thanks Ben"

Blackpool Honda

"Great service"

Ron Swift

"Thank you Ron"

Blackpool Honda

"All those involved in the sale, including Craig (on the handover) and not forgetting Lisa, (the meeter and Greeter and coffeemaker), are all a credit in the professional and pleasant way in which they represent the name Honda, but in particular Cox Motors."

Laurence and Liz McCornick

"Happy to be of service"

Blackpool Honda

"The team @ Honda Blackpool do a great job at a fair price and always 100% satisfaction rate from me."

Graham Sykes

"Your welcome Graham"

Blackpool Honda

"I have never been to this dealer before as I just moved to the area, but I was very impressed with the service all round and will be using them again in future."

Michael Ramskill

"Thank you Michael"

Blackpool Honda

"From start to finish the staff were excellent and could not do enough for me. The car was serviced on time and budget."

John Horrocks

"Happy to be of service John"

Blackpool Honda

"Very smooth process, car cleanliness after the service was exceptional inside and out!"

Sandra Jene Gormley

"Our pleasure to be of service Sandra"

Blackpool Honda

"Just good service we live 3/4 hour from Honda and did consider going to a local garage but the offer of Honda Recovery decided us to stick with the Honda garage we have always been treated very well by all the Honda staff."

Michael Greathead

"Hope to see you again soon Michael"

Blackpool Honda

"Done correctly by well qualified staff."

Donald Williams

"Thank you Donald"

Blackpool Honda

"Everything I wanted and needed was carried out efficiently and the receptionist I met was most courteous. The mechanic who spoke to me was most helpful and did not try to sell me anything that I did not need. The courtesy car was also very comfortable and gave me an insight into how much the Civic had been improved since I bought mine."

Michael Hatton

"Thank you Michael"

Blackpool Honda

"An easy experience, no hassle or problems, very polite, reception and telephone, well done everyone."

Trever Linsley

"Always happy to help Trever"

Blackpool Honda

"Smooth process from start to finish."

Claire Thomas

"All part of the service Claire"

Blackpool Honda

"No problems with any of the work carried out."

Ian Hargreaves

"Thank you Ian"

Blackpool Honda

"I get consistently top notch service from Honda and this Honda dealer in particular."

Brian Hadcroft

"Cheers Brian"

Blackpool Honda

"Everything was completed on time and the service was very professional."

Barbara Booth

"Thanks "

Blackpool Honda

"We always get fantastic service at Blackpool Honda. Staff are always friendly and helpful."

Susan Beames

"Glad to be of help Susan"

Blackpool Honda

"Good communication from collection to delivery."

John Graddon

"Thank you John"

Blackpool Honda

"The car was picked up from my address and returned. So happy with the service provided. Completely satisfied."

Geoff Bignell

"Thank you"

Blackpool Honda

"Always been happy at Blackpool Honda."

Stanley Redmond

"We are happy you are happy Stanley"

Blackpool Honda

"The level of customer service far exceeded expectations and anything I've experienced in the past. All the staff I dealt with (especially Jenny on the service desk) were helpful, friendly and effortlessly available to offer information and advice. I cannot fault the treatment I received or the organisation of a courtesy car, contacting me throughout the day with progress, prices provided and feedback from the service. All spot on and will continue to use them. I was particularly surprised as it was the first time I'd used the Blackpool branch. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work general cheeriness."

Mr Reynolds

"Thank you - hope to see you again soon."

Blackpool Honda

"Dear Sir,

I rate your Blackpool Honda service department as follows:

Reception 10/10
Attention to detail 10/10
Service 10/10

Also just had to write to and tell you I was at a flea market Sunday talking to a CRV owner. He had a grinding noise when the steering was on full lock. I aimed him at your Blackpool Honda service department. "

Mr W Gilson

"Thank you for the recommendation"

Blackpool Honda

"Last Tuesday my Honda lost all power only going 10mph, I called the AA who tried to fix it. On Thursday it happened again, the AA came again and said it wasn't safe to drive at all. He went to Honda in Blackpool with me, this was at 12.00 midday. I left the car for the repair and service and to my surprise it was all finished by early Friday morning. Thanks to Gary and Rachel on the reception and also to the other man there, I don't know his name. I was more than pleased with the excellent service provided. I've bought 4 cars from you in the last 12 years so I'm a loyal customer, all my servicing and repairs are done by you as well. Thank you Honda for good speedy service. "

Tony Cunliffe

"Happy to be of service"

Blackpool Honda

"Estimate was spot on. Time estimate was correct almost to the minute and the cost was surprisingly competitive."

Paul Clegg

"Thank you"

Blackpool Honda

"Nothing is too much trouble at Blackpool Honda and I have always been treated with utmost courtesy from the time it was ready I was completely satisfied. Just can't praise them enough. Thanks again Blackpool Honda."

Malcolm Boyes

"Our pleasure Malcolm."

Blackpool Honda

"Excellent customer service as always. Thanks"

Gordon Roberts

"Happy to be of service"

Blackpool Honda

"Overall very impressed with the service carried out at Blackpool Honda. All members of staff were polite and courteous. My car after the service had a full valet. Although it is eight years old it did not look out of place alongside the new/used cars. Impressed with Honda, great build and very reliable. The Honda service, I am sure contributes to that reliability. Well done Blackpool Honda."

Gary Pennington

"Thank you"

Blackpool Honda

"Have used other Honda dealers in the past but Blackpool Honda is much better than the others even though I have to travel further for the service."

Dereck Butler

"Thank you Dereck"

Blackpool Honda

"Because I was completely satisfied, I was kept informed at every stage of delivery of the car and the hand over was excellent and it was very well presented, nice clean and shiny."

Milton Wreakes

"Hope you enjoy the car Milton."

Blackpool Honda

"I have had a Honda Jazz for several years and am very pleased with this new one. "

Geraldine Newlyn

"Happy driving Geraldine"

Blackpool Honda

"I feel that the team were able to provide the service at short notice and provide the flexibility for me to either have it picked up from work or an opportunity for me to wait and use the internet facilities in the waiting area. The car was immaculate when it came back and the team are both polite and welcoming. We have used the team since 2006."

Michael Wiseman

"Hope you to you for many years to come."

Blackpool Honda

"I have had Five Honda cars. Enough said."

Pauline Walmsley

"Honda car number six is always waiting for you at Blackpool Honda Pauline."

Blackpool Honda

"The service department found a nail in the front tyre of the car and immediately rang me to say that the tyre would need replacing. They replaced the tyre to my complete satisfaction."

Thomas Rigby

"Hope to see you again soon Thomas"

Blackpool Honda

"Great staff found me everything I wanted and the car meets more than my expectations."

Philip Airton

"Thank you Philip"

Blackpool Honda

"The whole staff were very friendly and helpful."

Stella Franks

"Hope to see you again soon Stella."

Blackpool Honda

"Helpful from entering to exiting the premises. They make you feel welcome."

Colin Smith

"Thank you Colin"

Blackpool Honda

"As usual everything a pleasure from start to finish. Staff very cheerful and polite. Makes taking my car a good experience."

Mr and Mrs Chadwick

"Happy to be of service."

Blackpool Honda

"I appreciated friendly welcome, prompt attention on arrival with my details all ready and waiting for the service/repair to get started. I was told beforehand what work needed to be done, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. This was extremely helpful to know prior to booking my car for the service/repair work."

Mina Raithatha

"Hope to see you again soon Mina."

Blackpool Honda

"We really like Honda at Blackpool and travel a long way to get our car looked after there. The servicing staff are excellent."

Mr Weston

"Thank you"

Blackpool Honda

"Have just picked my car up from having work done. Again cannot express how high the level of customer service. Today it was Kieran and Dee. But whoever I have dealt with, always above and beyond. If all staff are this polite then well done Honda...11 out of 10."

Sam Dunlop

"Thank you very much for your kind words Sam."

Blackpool Honda

"Just got my new civic from Blackpool the service I had received from Jon and Craig has been brilliant and I wanted to say thank you and see you next time"

Peter Buckingham

"Thank you Peter, we'd be happy to see you again soon."

Blackpool Honda

"This is going to sound like I'm being paid for writing these as everyone I've written has been nothing but praise for this business. But, as far as my experience goes, they really are in a league of their own when it comes to customer service. Had some more work done on my civic and again, was made to feel as if there was nothing more important than my car. Kieran again acted with nothing less than professionalism Well done...."

Sam Dunlop

"We're happy to be of service Sam and glad you had a great experience. We hope to see you again."

Blackpool Honda

"Exemplary service from Blackpool Honda, and a huge thank you to Jonathan whose professional manner is a credit to his sales department. Nothing was too much trouble. We were very grateful for the follow-up call from him to see if everything was OK. Thank you again."

Lindy Polmeer

"Thank you for your kind words Lindy. We're happy we could help."

Blackpool Honda

"I purchased Used Car and found the experience very positive. The staff were very fair in resolving any issues and we were very satisfied with our purchase. Thank you to the team."

Zehra Haider

"Thank you Zehra, we're happy to hear you had a positive experience at Blackpool Honda. We hope to see you again."

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