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What Car Golf Bluemotion Review

WHATCAR? has given a fantastic and in-depth review into the Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion. It has given the car the highest possible rating of 5/5 stars. We have always believed in the fantastic quality of our vehicles and are happy to see others appreciate it too.

“The Bluemotion badge (not to be confused with Bluemotion Technologies) has become a familiar sight on the most frugal VWs. Although previously exclusive to diesel-engine models, that’s changing with the release of this new 1.0 TSI petrol version of the company's best-selling Golf.

CO2 emissions sit at 99g/km while official combined fuel economy is an impressive 65.7mpg. While you might expect the trade-off to be a paltry power output, the 1.0 Golf has a reasonable 113bhp, which is enough to get it from 0-62mph in 10.5 seconds.

As with other Bluemotion models, you get lowered suspension, a flatter underbody and other aerodynamic tweaks to help it slide through the air as cleanly as possible.”

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