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  • Our Euro 6 diesels are the cleanest and safest
Our Euro 6 diesels are the cleanest and safest

The SMMT have reported that used diesel car sales grew by 5.6% in in the first three months of 2017 versus the same period last year, with one in five of the used diesel cars sold this quarter having a Euro 6 engine. The growth seen in used diesel cars was larger than used petrol cars, which saw a growth of 1.6%.

Thanks to billions of pounds of investment by industry, the latest Euro 6 diesels are the cleanest and safest ever, so it's good news that more people can now take advantage of them as they start to filter into the used market. These models will not face charges anywhere in Britain under the government's Clean Air Zone proposals.

In recent months, older diesel cars have come under scrutiny from the UK Government (and mainstream press) for the level of harmful emissions that they produce. The SMMT are campaigning to ensure that the differences between the varying compliance standards of used diesel cars are clear. This will help to ensure that customers are better informed about which cars comply with the latest emissions standards, and are therefore cleaner than their predecessors.

Honda (UK) is in full support of the objectives of the SMMT to raise awareness and differentiate between older diesel models and the newer, cleaner models. With all current diesel Hondas being Euro 6 compliant, no new diesel Honda customer will be penalised for their choice of powertrain. We are confident that for many customers, diesel remains the best proposition.

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