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Each new Honda motorcycle, moped or scooter comes with a two year, unlimited mileage warranty, emphasizing our confidence in the quality, and reliability of every single model in the range.

Warranty Condition 

Our warranty covers all our mopeds and motorcycles except the CR and XR range due to their off road usage. The period of warranty cover is 24 months from the date of registration or date of sale to customer if the machine remains unregistered.

Warranty is given by Honda (UK) and applies to all machines that were first imported into the European market by the official Honda distributor and that meet the homologation / regulation requirements of the country through which they were imported into the European market. Those other recognised countries are the official Honda distributors in Austria, Belgium, Canary Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Obtaining a warranty service 

Please arrange to visit us during our normal business hours, taking with you your vehicle, owner's card and your service book.

The Honda dealer obligation under your warranty is to repair or replace, at the discretion of Honda, any part found to be defective in material or workmanship.

The repair will be free of charge for materials and/or labour.

Your Honda warranty is in addition to, and does not detract from, any local legal rights such as local law or consumer act.

In the event of a suspected manufacturing or material defect occuring after the expiry of the warranty period, please bring it to the attention of your Honda dealer who will, together with Honda, give it full consideration in accordance with our normal warranty conditions.

There are certain items that are not covered: please see the details below.

What's not covered? 

The following items are not covered by the Honda warranty:

  • Any damage that results from neglect of the periodic maintenance in the manner that we recommend.
  • Any damage that results from repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by Honda.
  • Any damage that results from the use of the vehicle for race, rally or similar competitive sports.
  • Any damage that results from operating methods other than those indicated the owners manual or use beyond the limitations or specifications specified by Honda (maximum load, passenger capacity, engine speed and others.
  • Any damage that results from use of non-genuine parts or from use of fuel, lubricants and liquid agents with specifications different from those indicated in owners manual.
  • Any damage that results from modifications not approved by Honda (engine tune-up, vehicle performance modifications, reduction of lights, enlargements and other changes.
  • Any damage that results from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surfaces, plated surfaces and other deterioration).
  • Aesthetic phenomena that do not affect performance.
  • Any damage that results from improper storage or transport.

Consumable replacement parts and lubricants:

  • Parts: Spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filter elements, drive chains, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, battery, lights(excluding sealed beam), fuses, motor brushes, step rubbers, belts, tyres, tubes and other rubber parts.
  • Lubricants: Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant and other items specified by Honda.
  • Cleaning, inspection, adjustment and other periodic maintenance items.

Expenses incidental to the warranty claim, including:

  • Additional expenses incurred for communications, lodging, meals and other items due to breakdown of the product in a remote area.
  • Compensation for loss of time, commercial losses or rental costs for a substitute product during the period of adjustment.

Accessory warranty 

We warrant our Honda Genuine Accessories, manufactured for use in Europe on Honda products, to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the period of two years.

The two-year warranty is from the date of purchase. Details of your Honda Genuine Accessory must be recorded by your Authorised dealer in your Honda Motorcycle Warranty and Service Book at the time of purchase.

To obtain a warranty service visit an authorised Honda Dealer taking with you the accessory or vehicle on which it is installed, together with your service book containing the registered details of your Honda Genuine Accessory.

The Dealer obligation 

Any applicable Genuine Accessory found defective during this period will be repaired/replaced by an authorised Honda dealer free of charge provided the conditions under which the warranty is offered have been followed.


It is your responsibility to ensure that services are performed at the specified period and the service record is appropriately endorsed. In this way your machine will receive the full benefit of the Honda warranty.

Although there is a large network of authorised Honda dealers, it is preferable that routine servicing is performed by the original authorised Honda selling dealer where both you and the machine are known.

In normal servicing circumstances, regular servicing reduces the overall cost of maintenance.

Should a fault occur during the warranty period contact your authorised Honda dealer immediately and arrange an appointment for necessary work to be completed.

During the summer period, many dealers are very busy. It is therefore advisable to plan routine servicing well in advance.

Looking after your machine 

Perform a pre-ride inspection daily before you ride your motorcycle. The list of items for your particular Honda model will be listed in your owner's manual. These checks are to aid rather than inconvenience you. Remember minor adjustments are more easily performed at home than on the road side.

Apart from improving its appearance, a thorough cleaning* is an ideal opportunity to inspect your machine.

The appearance and value of your machine will very much depend upon the care it receives. Especially during the winter, it is most important to clean your machine regularly and effectively as, left unattended, road salt will cause deterioration of exposed metal surfaces.


  • Only use neutral cleaners on plastic parts.
  • Chemical cleaners sometimes contain solvents which extract elastomers from the plastic. This causes the material to become brittle. Avoid such cleaners. Use only a neutral soap solution.
  • For engine, wheels and exhaust system usual trade cleaners are recommended. Rinse with water. Make sure no polluting chemicals reach the soil.
  • * Care should be exercised when using power wash or steam cleaning equipment as these methods can damage paint and lacquer finishes
  • Avoid directing a jet of water onto the bearings. The resultant humidity will assist corrosion.
  • To non-painted aluminium parts, like engine and transmission housing, a transparent protective spray should be added during winter. Any existing corrosion marks can be removed with soaped steel wool.
  • Bare metal parts can be cleaned and protected with chromium polish.
  • For cleaning seat, dash board, indicators, rear light and wind screen, use only neutral soap solution. Do not use any solvent containing cleaners.
  • Very filthy parts and insects should be soaked in soap solution and afterwards rinsed with water.
  • Especially during adverse operating conditions is it advisable to protect your machine with suitable waxes or lubricants. Consult your dealer for advice.
  • Plan routine servicing well in advance in order that the necessary work may be carried out at the specified period and at your and your dealers convenience. If you intend to store your machine for any length of time, contact your dealer for advice.

Travelling abroad? 

HONDA warranty will be honored in all the countries listed below, however...

  1. It is most important that you take your warranty book and your Owner's Card with you. It is your only proof that your motorcycle is covered by warranty and that the services have been carried out.
  2. We recommend that whilst travelling abroad only warranty repairs of an emergency or safety related nature are dealt with and others are referred to your local Honda dealer on return.
  3. Have your machine thoroughly serviced before you set out.
  4. Pay particular attention to tyre wear level and tyre pressures, as you may cover many miles at high speed with a heavier load. See your owner's manual for correct settings.
  5. Don't forget to carry out daily checks while on your trip.
  6. It is strongly advised that adequate travel insurance is obtained to cover any unforeseen circumstances. Please consult your insurers or any motoring organization.

Travelling abroad GB-IRL Euro-service warranty 

It is only applicable for Honda customers travelling through foreign European countries listed below where Honda is represented by an authorized distributor.

In case of any technical trouble with your machine, we advise you to find the nearest local Honda dealer FIRST by consulting the telephone directory. The customer service personnel will help you to get in touch with the nearest authorized workshop.

In order to have your motorcycle repaired under warranty, you have to show your official Honda Service Warranty booklet and card.

Unfortunately due to spare parts availability matters in some countries, it may be difficult to obtain the full benefits of the Pan-European warranty system.

Model specifications will vary from country to country within Europe and it is possible that the dealer will have some difficulties in getting the correct parts in time, or repairing your motorcycle. Because of this we recommend that you have all less urgent repairs conducted by your local Honda dealer on return.

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